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PC Beginner CD


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PC Beginner CD

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Fix It Yourself!

PC Beginner CD Cool, Easy, Fun


This is the most AWESOME CD that you will EVER use!

You can use it to Install Windows easily;  Rescue Windows rapidly;  Cure viruses & block attacks;  Optimize and Speed up your system;  Diagnose PC Hardware;  Partition, Format, Clone, and Rescue hard drive;  Recover data;  Discover passwords;  Remove pop-up and spyware;  and more...



 STEP-by-STEP Instructions!

 Do Everything Yourself and Save Hundreds of Dollars!

  NEW! Download and screenshots are now available!




If you want to install or reinstall Windows by yourself, this is the right CD for you!

This CD is bootable! It does not need Windows to run! Just put it in CD drive and restart computer!


  Boot up ANY desktop or laptop

  Automatically  find CD Drive to install Windows

  Identification of PC hardware

  In graphic format. Easy!

  Rapid and little care


We charge $85 to install Windows in our shop! Now you can do it yourself !!!





If your computer can not enter Windows, or you Windows has some problems, this CD can help!


  Automatically boot your computer even if it is infected with virus

  Fast recovery from windows crashes

  System checking utilities

  Registry repair

  Virus scan option

  Restoration of system files

  Startup troubleshooter



With this CD in hand, do not worry about CRASH and "blue screen" any more!





The Shield Pro 2006™ ( www.PCSecurityShield.com ) is included in this CD!!!


antirus & firewall (Click to see large screenshot)

  The Shield Pro 2006™ is a combination of AntiVirus & Firewall

  Provides protection from viruses, hackers, and privacy threats

  Powerful yet easy to use

  Includes 1 year of FREE updates



Now you do not have to pay $49.99 for the The Shield Pro 2006™ ( www.PCSecurityShield.com ), since it is already included in our CD with full license!




    Optimize and Speed up system 


Gradually, Windows is filled with junk stuff in many places, which slows down your computer.


  Automatically clean up junk in your system

  Speed hard drive and Internet connection

  Speed up your entire system



You will feel the difference!




   Diagnose PC Hardware 


Want to know exactly what's inside the box? Wondering if the seller cheated you? 


  Diagnose ALL components completely

  Check errors, conflict, status, parameters

  Report complete system information



This is one of the most powerful diagnostic tools!





DISK GENIUS ( www.DiskGenius.com ) is included in this CD!!!

  • This is one of the best hard drive tools available!

  • In Graphic format, Just click your mouse! Easy!

hard disk (Click to see large screenshot)


  Create / Delete / Activate partitions

  Create / Convert primary partition, extended partition, logical partition

  Convert FAT16 / FAT32 / NTFS partitions without data loss

  Quick Format / Resize / Hide partitions

  Rebuild the lost partition table

  Backup or Restore partition

  Recover MBR (Master Boot Record)

  View any sectors

  Clear sectors (Finally erase data from hard drive!)

  Copy sectors

  Change hard disk

  Data back

  Surface scan



Now you do not have to pay $49.95 for the DISK GENIUS ( www.DiskGenius.com ), since it is already included in our CD with full license!





DriveWizard Professional ( www.CompuApps.com ) is included in this CD!!!

"Clone" means that you can copy the TOTAL thing from your old hard drive to a new one!
Now you do NOT have to reinstall Windows and programs in your new hard drive!


clone (Click to see large screenshot)


  Totally copy Windows, programs, files from old hard drive to new

          hard drive.

  Supports IDE, USB, FireWire, PCMCIA, Parallel, SCSI, SATA ...

  You can clone to an internal disk and external disk.

  The cloned hard disk will be bootable!

  If it is for backup purpose, you can easily do updating!



Now you do not have to pay $49.99 for the DriveWizard Professional ( www.CompuApps.com ), since it is already included in our CD with full license!




  Rescue Hard Drives 


When your hard drive has bad sectors, or cannot be formatted, or even cannot be detected by your computer, our CD can help!

  Rescue your dead computer now.

  Graphic interface. You can do it!



We have rescued thousands of "dying" hard drives in last 10 years!




   Remove Pop-Up, Adware, & Spyware 


Pop-Up and Adware annoy you and slow your computer; Spyware steals your personal information.

Unlike other removing products, ours really works!


  Scan and remove Pop-Up, Adware, & Spyware.

  Clean and speed up your computer.

  Easy: Just click a "scan and remove" button, then forget it!



Finally you found a right utility!




   Find / Reset Password 


These are completely legal software that are in fact used by the law enforcement agencies around the world.


password (Click to see large screenshot)


  Reset Windows XP/2K/NT/Server Admin/User password

  Find/Remove "Power on password" and "Supervisor password"

  Find out Asterisks Password

  Find out Windows 95 & 98 Password

  Find out BIOS & CMOS Password

  Find out Dial-up Password

  Find out Email Password

  Find out Instant Messenger Password

  Find out Enterprise Manager Password

  Find out IE Content Advisor Password

  Find out Microsoft Access Password

  Find out Netscape Password

  Find out Network Password

  Find out PCAnywhere Password

  Find out Protected Storage Password

  Find out ASPNet User Password



Become a password specialist and be a hero! (Note: It requires physical access to the PC. So it is not hacking!)




    Clean Up or Hide Private Stuff in PC 


When you view pictures, visit websites, or run programs, the computer auto-records all your activities in deep places!


  Completely clean up records of viewed image, web pages, web

          address, searched words... everything!

  Or hide /secure your private stuff!



You may lose you job if your boss finds XXX in your office computer!




   Super Data Recovery Package 


Saving data may mean saving your life!


  Recover files from formatted hard disk.

  Recover files deleted from recycle bin.

  Recover data from digital camera media: Flash Card, Smart Media,

          SONY Memory Stick, IBM Micro Drive, Multimedia Card, Secure

          Digital Card, and any other data carrier for digital cameras.

  Copy data from NTFS system (XP, 2K, NT) to FAT (95, 98, ME) or

          DOS system.



Do not panic any more! Get this CD and recover your valuable data!




   Boot PC to Pure DOS 


  Boot your computer to either a pure DOS environment, or DOS with

          CD drives support.

  Includes ALL major DOS commands: Chkdsk, Debug, Fdisk,

          DiskCopy, Format, Scandisk, Scan reg, Recover, Edit ...

  Includes useful DOS utilities: USB DOS driver, Smartdrv, ...



In some situations you need to boot your computer to a pure MS-DOS environment. Now you've got the right CD!

You need not understand the DOS, just follow our simple directions!



Even More COOL Utilities

  1.  Microsoft Product Key (CD Key) Finder 

 Find Product ID and the CD-Key for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP and Microsoft Office, as long as Windows and Office have not been deleted from your hard drive.

  2. Hard Disk Diagnosis 


For all major brands: Fujitsu, Hitachi/IBM, Maxtor/Quantum, Samsung, Seagate, and Western Digital.

  3. Professional Hard Disk Wiping Tool 


This utility meets the strict deletion requirements of the USA military.

Data can be deleted from hard drives in high speed mode with speeds up to 3.3 GB per minute.

  4. Parental Control 


Monitor your kids by  (1) finding passwords for email account, messenger, chat room, ... (2) controlling which Web sites can be visited and which programs can have Internet access.

  5. Professional Key Logger 


Captain Mnemo Professional records all login and passwords typed. All setup is done automatically and the program runs invisibly in the background. Now you do not have to pay $29.95 for it ( http://www.refog.com/captainmnemo/ ), since it is already included in our CD with full license!

Use Ctrl-Shift-Alt-C to view Captain Mnemo screen when running in "Hidden" mode.


This MUST-HAVE CD is designed for:

  Feedbacks about PC Beginner CD 

1.  CD is a real life save, highly recommended.


3. got my son's computer up & running.

4.  Product helped me recover my 98 OS.

5.  A must have for any one who works on or owns a computer!!!!!! 

6.  A++ got my laptop up and back on line in 30min

7.  SUPER CD to the rescue!!!!!!!

8.  worked for installing new hard drive...



11.  ...just used your disk to format a used laptop and install windows... Your instructions, if followed, do just what you said. Very pleased...

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  Frequently Asked Questions  

Q:  This CD work for both desktop and laptop?
A:  Yes!

Q:  I have an old laptop without CD drive. How will your CD help me?
A:  This CD can let you easily create bootable floppy disks! You can use these floppy disks to boot any computer, format any hard drive, install or rescue any Windows!

Q:  I do not know much about computer. I am not sure if I can use this CD...
A:  This CD is specially designed for beginners so anybody can follow the directions and be successful.

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  Technical Support  

(1) One-month FREE personal support through email.

(2) Online help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

(3) Step-by-step instructions in the PC Beginner CD.

Simply the Best!

With this handy CD, you will save lots of time, money and white hairs!


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PC Beginner CD

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