I got cygwin from,
specifically, their setup.exe program,
taking all of its defaults.

On May 8, 2006, this was version 2.510.2.2.

This got me a Cygwin link on my desktop and under the Start menu,
  All Programs -> Cygwin -> Cygwin Bash Shell
Clicking on either, brings up a black, DOS-like command prompt window,
with this initial message
  Copying skeleton files.
  These files are for the user to personalise
  their cygwin experience.

  These will never be overwritten.

  './.bashrc' -> '/home/HP_Owner//.bashrc'
  './.bash_profile' -> '/home/HP_Owner//.bash_profile'
  './.inputrc' -> '/home/HP_Owner//.inputrc'

This didn't get you everything one might want, e.g. more is in the util-linux package, which isn't installed by default. Going through the list of what's available, there are other packages worth getting, eg Editors -> hexedit & vim Utils -> bc & file & util-linux Web -> curl & tidy & wget X11 -> xterm
When under the cygwin shell, the C: drive is mounted at /cygdrive/c.
Unix tools such as tr can convert between CRLF and LF endings, but cygutils provides several dedicated programs: conv, d2u, dos2unix, u2d, and unix2dos. Use the --help switch for usage information.
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