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2.  Download the PC Beginner CD ISO file

Click here to download the PC Beginner image file (ISO file, about 230MB).
I did this on 9/5/2006, saving it here and getting a 250 MB ISO file.    (RAJ)


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3.  How to burn a PC Beginner CD from the ISO file?

Please do NOT try to click/open/unzip/extract the ISO file. You need to use your CD Writer to burn a CD from this ISO file. If you do not have a CD Writer, you can add a shipping and handling fee to get a physical CD.

How to burn a CD from an ISO file?

Using your own burning software is NOT recommended, since most of them are designed for multitask so it is not easy to find the function of "Burning from CD image file".

Please use either of the two simple tools below:

ISO Burning Software A:   EXE version   Zip version

ISO Burning Software B:   EXE version   Zip version

How to know if I have done successfully?

If you have burned a PC Beginner CD successfully, you will see some folders in the CD instead of an ISO file.

4.  License keys:

(1)  Disk Genius (

Included in this CD! US$49.95 value!

Location: DiskTool\Partition & Format.

License Key (also called Registration Code): 3PC7Q7QGZ8GGNJLLAFA6

(2)  DriveWizard Professional (

Included in this CD! US$49.95 value!

Location: WinTool\Clone, Copy & Backup\Hard Disk Clone.

License Key: M6MBCBWR7-235588-VTROE-99374-MGMBNBWCX-32522404

(3)  Shield Professional 2006 (Antivirus & Firewall) (

Included in this CD! US$49.99 value!

Location: WinTool\Antivirus & Firewall

Antivirus License Key: VRBD-0056-9601-6105-1022

Firewall License Key: FWP10306900713248491

(4)  Captain Mnemo (

Included in this CD! US$29.95 value!

Location: WinTool\Password Management & Recovery\Password Recovery\Key Logger.

License Key: already in the ISO (CD).

Use Ctrl-Shift-Alt-C to view Captain Mnemo screen when running in "Hidden" mode.

5.  Support

This CD already has enough support documents.

For more support:

(Note: for support, please do NOT use

6.  If you want to receive a physical CD:

Since you have ordered a "Download Only", you will NOT receive a physical CD. If you want to get a physical CD, please add a shipping and handling fee.