Job Objective: Toolsmith, QA, UNIX Systems Administrator


Summary: Decades of UNIX experience as a Toolsmith, Quality Assurance, Systems Administrator, and Mr. "Fix It".  Worked with both large, multinational companies and two successful start-ups.


Skills: Unix (Linux & AIX), Perl, Shell Scripts, Expect, DNS, DHCP, Apache web server, HTML, CGI, LDAP, SQL, DB2, Kickstart, NIM, Nagios, AFS, DFS, NFS, NIM, RADIUS, Perforce, CVS.  Some Java & Java Servlets, Javascript, C/C++, Eclipse, Subversion.






4750 Patrick Henry Drive

Senior QA Engineer

Santa Clara, CA 95054



Infoblox is the DDI market leader, supplying a hardened appliance providing DNS, DHCP and IPAM (I.P. Address Management) tools.  My job in Quality Assurance was to find the bugs before the customers did, although the truth be known, my passion was providing software tools on the side.

-         Recognized twice for “Employee of the Quarter” awards, the last one for creating a VMware virtual lab environment, doubling the number lab units for QA to test with.

-         Created various tools to satisfy QA needs (ResMgr, upgrade testing, upgrade path checking, create_upgradeable_releases, and identify_lab_unit).

-         Became well-known for documenting my knowledge and making it available to others.  Many people have appreciated referring to these notes over the years.

-         Wrote clear test plans enabling off-shore test teams that are still referred to years later.


Thomson - Delphion              


800 West California Avenue, Suite 100   

Senior Software Engineer

Sunnyvale, CA 94086


Delphion spun off from IBM in 2000 and despite the dot com bubble burst, became profitable within two years by making the world's patent information searchable via the web. Delphion also provided 5 different national government's patent offices (Canadian, British, Swiss, Dutch, and Japanese) with a turnkey solution to quickly put their patent data on the web. Thomson bought Delphion in 2002.


My job, especially after layoffs reduced 28 people to 12, included system administrative responsibilities for our development and production environments, and for the international patent office customers.

-         Built the web site from scratch four times due to management-directed moves.  Also installed the Japanese patent office systems.

-         Managed 20 terabytes across 200 machines in 7 different data centers located in 3 continents.

-         Managed the international team supporting the British, Swiss, Dutch, and Japanese national patent offices web sites.


While the day-to-day problems usually occupied most of my time, what I’m most proud of during those years were the efficiencies gained from these Perl programming projects.

-         Completely automating database synchronization between the international sites.

-         Automated weekly update process.

-         Designed and wrote an on-demand method to transfer image files from the U.S. site, saving the remote Patent offices terabytes of disk space and 0.2 FTE to maintain.


IBM Almaden Research Center


650 Harry Road

Advisory Programmer

San Jose, CA 95120



Unix System Administrator for laboratory infrastructure.

-         Wrote critical program for a weekend “Let’s Re-Address the Whole Network” project, resulting in a $1500 Research Division award.

-         Initiated, planned and executed multiple hardware projects, coordinating teams of up to 30 people and saving the IBM Almaden Research laboratory over $2 million.

-         Was part of a 20-person IBM Research team that in 1997, made patent information freely searchable from the web and later, formed Delphion, Inc.  Installed and built up the machines, configured the firewalls, load balancers, RAID disks, DNS, web and database servers, fixed hardware problems and kept the servers running.


Formal Certifications and College Degree:

-         Red Hat Enterprise Linux Certified Technician (RHCT)

-         AIX 5 for IBM eserver pSeries System Administrator Certification

-         B.S. in Computer Science from California State University, Chico