Overbidding Again, but ...

DOOP at Mark's House with Frank, Mark, & Franz

Franz  Rick  Mark  Frank
=====  ====  ====  =====
1 S    2 D   2 H   Pass
2 S    3 D   All Pass

Here was the approximate layout

Mark                Franz
====                =====
J                   AQ8765
AQJ87               5
7653                KT
K85                 7642

OK, we won't talk about my overbidding (which I did) or if there was
another defense that would set it (there is) or the lucky layout of
the hand (there was that, too).  What I liked was the double end play
near the end of the hand.

Mark led his singleton Jack of spades and switched to a club, putting me
in dummy for a diamond finesse.  Dummy's jack won and I led a heart to
my king and Mark's ace.  Mark exited with a high heart, which I trumped.
Luckily, Franz's King and ten was doubleton, which let me pick up all 4
of Mark's trumps.  We were then down to these 5 cards.

--                  AQ8
Q82                 --
--                  --
K8                  76

It was at this point that the beauty of the situation lay.  Whoever has the
club king, is about to get endplayed.  I cashed the club ace, pitching a heart
from dummy, then led the club queen.  If Mark wins the king like he did, I
pitch a spade from dummy and let him cash one heart and then lead to dummy's
good heart ten, while I pitch both my spades.  But if Franz wins the club king,
he's endplayed into making dummy's spade king good.  Either way, making 3.
What beauty!  Don't you just love the symmetry?  

Note that I can't cash my diamond 8 beforehand, else I squeeze dummy.  Note
also how only at the very last minute, do I decide what to pitch from dummy
on the club Queen.  If Mark is winning it, I pitch a spade and keep 2 hearts.
If Franz is winning it, I have to do the opposite, pitch a heart from dummy
and keep both spades.  I love it!