Double Dummy Problem

A Double Dummy Problem from the Bridge Forum
October 10, 1991

Contract: 6 Hearts
Opening Lead: 7 of Hearts

9               JT876
7               432
K98765          Q4
QT876           A32

The solution is to run 5 heart tricks, pitching 2 diamonds and a club from dummy, play 3 spades, pitching a club from your hand, and ruff a spade (so east can't keep 2 spades), coming down to 3 - A K5 - J - - K9 Q QT A3 - 8 32 J East must keep a spade and at least two clubs (it doesn't matter if he keeps 3 clubs instead of 2 and the queen of diamonds). If east only keeps one club, we can throw him in with the ace of clubs and set up dummy's king for our twelfth trick, ruffing the spade return if need be. West must keep 2 clubs else we'll set up dummy's 5 of clubs by playing to the King (dummy's 5 beats east's 3). West must also keep 2 diamonds else we'll play the ace of diamonds, ruff the spade, and our last diamond is good. We then play a diamond to dummy and ruff the last spade. West is now sqeezed. With west yet to discard, the situation is - - - K5 - - - - K - QT A3 - - 2 J If west pitches a diamond, our 2 is good. If a club, we play the jack to the king and we take one of the last two club tricks.