Double Endplay

Santa Clara Regional Swiss Teams with Kathy, Todd & Bobbette Thorsen
Labor Day, Monday, September 3, 1990
First round, first hand (see this hand for another
                         "First Hand of the Day" bridge hand).

 S(me)  W    N(Kathy)  E
======  ==   ========  ==
 1H     2D   4H        P
 4N     P    5D        P
 6H     P    P         P

Lead:  8 of Spades

8                   QJ7x
x                   x
KT98xx              QJ
Axxxx               KQJxxx

  This was the first hand of the day.  Looking at what I had bought
myself, I didn't like my chances.  I let the 8 come around to east's
jack and my Ace.  It seems I have a spade loser, unless the queen
jack was doubleton, but on the lead, it seems east has QJ third or
fourth.  Hmmm.

Keeping a straight, confident face, I proceeded to play a diamond to the ace and ruff a diamond. Then a trump to dummy, pulling trump, and ruff another diamond. Then I waste another trump to get to dummy again, to ruff dummy's last diamond. Now I exited with my small club, eliminating both minors, to this position. Kx KTx - - - Q7x - - KT - xxx KQ T9xx 8 - - At the table, West won her Ace of clubs and had to give me a ruff and sluff, me throwing dummy's losing spade away as I ruffed, giving me the slam. But if east won, she would have to either give me the same ruff and sluff, or lead away from her queen of spades, giving me a free finesse. Making 6, which won the match. A double endplay!