7 No Trump Play Problem

The following hand was published by Krysztof Martens of the Netherlands,
in January, 1992, and posted on Usenet by Chip Martel on November 22, 1992.

Contract: 7 No Trump
Opening Lead: 10 of Clubs

  Spades:  K872      opposite    AQT9
  Hearts:  A4                    KJ82
Diamonds:  Q64                   AKT9
   Clubs:  AKQJ                  6

You have 12 definite tricks.  What's a line of play to guarantee
13 tricks on any lie of the cards and any defense?

---    Warning !!!  The solution follows, so if you    ---
---    don't want to see it now, stop.                 ---

Play the 4 top clubs throwing hearts!
King of hearts.
Ace, King, then Queen of diamonds.

The position is now:

  Spades:  K872      opposite   AQT9
  Hearts:  A                    -
Diamonds:  -                    T
   Clubs:  -                    -

If the diamond 10 is high, you can claim.  If it's not, your only fear
is a 4-1 spade break.

Play the ace of hearts.  Unless the diamond 10 becomes high, discard it.
If somebody shows out on the ace of hearts, you have a complete count.
If not, play the hand that didn't have the jack of diamonds for four