AIX, RS/6000, and AFS

RS/6000 Adapter Types
My own RS/6000 Architecture Overview, Uniprocessor Model Reference, andMultiprocessor Model Reference
Austin's AIX Software Reference
AIX 4 Post-installation activites

C++ And Java

IBM's VisualAge for Java Homepage
Toronto's C++ Page

WWW Things

VisualRoute - A Cool Network Debug Tool
Ping Plotter - Another Must-Have Network Debug Tool
NCSA HTTPd Documentation
2-Character Country Codes

OS/2, DOS, Windows, etc.

The WebExplorer Page
IBM Personal Computer file library
C-Net ShareWare Repository
Good Memory Prices
A Good Mail Order House
Another Mail Order House (Don't know how good it is)

Almaden Stuff

GSC Server
Almaden I.S. Forms: New Accounts, I.P. Address Changes, LAN Connections, etc.
Sam's Home Page with Cable Connection List

Just For Fun Sites

The Dilbert Zone
Fly Russian Jet Fighters!
Jim Lane's Home Page
Santa Clara Valley Bridge Information
"I'm a Nazi" - A Rush Limbaugh ParodyYou'll need a current Real Audio plug-in for your web browser.If you need to, follow the "free" links here.

Financial Web Sites

IBM stock quotation
Security APL's Stock Quote Server
Discover Brokerage - A Better Stock Quote Server (used to be Lombard)
IRS Information

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