IBM Patent Server DCE Userid Creation

How to Create a DCE Userid in the Patent Server Domain

To create a new DCE userid in the Patent Server domain, for example, henryfu,
  1. Login (or dce_login) as cell_admin on ar0073e0, our Security Master machine.
  2. cd /dceconfig/ugmgt/dce_users, which has one file in it for each DCE userid.
  3. cp victorh henryfu, to create a new, skeleton user file, which we'll now modify to suit this new userid.
  4. vi henryfu. Change
  5. cd ..
  6. export PATH=$PATH::
  7. add_users all. Provide cell_admin's password when prompted. This step will change the "state" field in the user file (e.g. /dceconfig/ugmgt/dce_users/henryfu) to "SUSPENDED".
  8. cd dce_users
  9. vi henryfu again so we can change the primary group.
  10. cd ..
  11. chguser henryfu. This step will change the "state" field in the user file (e.g. /dceconfig/ugmgt/dce_users/henryfu) to "RGY_ENABLED".
  12. To confirm everything's cool up to this point, type "id henryfu" ("id" is an AIX command). You should see a line like
       uid=1595(henryfu) gid=1513(patent)
  13. mkuserdir henryfu, to create the user's fileset for his home directory on server ar0071e0, aggregate scsi1 (where all user's filesets reside).
  14. cm checkf in order to see this guy's DFS home directory that you just created.
  15. chguser henryfu one last time to change the state to "FULL_ENABLED".
The initial password is located in the file /dceconfig/ugmgt/ENVIRONMENT and is "ChangeMe!".

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