Jukeman development is done by SmartStorage now, and the product name is SmartStor Jukeman.
Beside name changes, SmartStor Jukeman Version 2.4.1 has the following changes compared to iXOS-JUKEMAN version 2.4:

Changes to Jukeman specific to UNIX

Jukeman 2.4.1 works with Hummingbird's NFS server on NT. That server relies on some properties of file IDs under NT. Jukeman 2.4.1 uses these IDs in a way which allow Hummingbird's NFS server to export the local Jukeman drives via NFS protocol.

Jukeman 2.4.1 tries to use a special SCSI driver for Linux. The generic SCSI driver which comes with Linux does not support all SCSI commands - a few commands for Kodak Jukeboxes and Plextor Recorders won't work with that driver. For Jukeman a special SCSI driver for Linux can be installed which supports all SCSI commands.

Jukeman 2.4.1 comes with a new 64-bit-driver for Solaris 7. This driver works with the 64-bit-kernel of Solaris 7.

Jukeman 2.4.1 cdglow -i works under UNIX as well. In Version 2.4, the option -i worked unter NT but not under UNIX.

Changes to Jukeman specific to NT

Jukeman 2.4.1 works with the virus scanner Netshied by Network Associates. If both Jukeman Version 2.4 and Netshield were started, the computer crashed.

Jukeman 2.4.1 avoids a rare crash in jbfs.sys. The file system jbfs.sys of version 2.4 crashed on a few computers. The cause is corrected.

Jukeman 2.4.1 rejects access to resource forks of track files in the audio file system. Version 2.4 presented these audio track data files as resource files as well. Some commands tried to copy that resource fork and created useless data transfer.

Version 2.4.1 creates new files for buffers or caches faster. It does not write 0-Bytes under NT to force allocation because NTFS will allocate the blocks anyway.

Changes to Jukeman specific to NSM

Version 2.4.1 supports the Galaxy in both serial and direct channel SCSI mode.

Version 2.4.1 ignores a MEDIUM MAY HAVE CHANGED condition for NSM jukeboxes after a mailslot movement. These jukeboxes send that condition and do the action anyway in case a CD is removed through the mailslot and another CD is inserted.

Version 2.4.1 handles the automatic timeout of the Mercury 22 SCSI mailslot. The jukebox sometimes closes the slot automatically after 30 seconds.

Version 2.4.1 has a special Parameter for NSM related logmessages.

Version 2.4.1 supports the direct channel mode for NSM Galaxy and Satellite. That mode allows to access the changer through SCSI without performance penalty.

Changes to Jukeman specific to other Hardware

Version 2.4.1 supports basic functions of the new Pioneer Jukebox for up to 720 CDs. Hyper-Magazine removal and Magazine Memory are not yet supported.

Version 2.4.1 stops JVC drives before removing the discs. Version 2.4 relied on the jukebox to stop the drive before removing a disc. Most jukeboxes seem to do that, but one customer reported that discs were removed while they were still spinning. This can cause unwanted effects. Therefore Version 2.4.1 ensures that the disc is stopped before it is removed.

Version 2.4.1 supports some new recorders:  Plextor's PX-R820T and PX-W4220, Pioneer's DVR-S101 and Yamaha's CRW4416S,.

Version 2.4.1 retries SCSI commands if they fail with sense=0. Also, the driver under NT reports state in case of unmotivated timeouts.

Changes to Jukeman specific to the Incremental File System

Version 2.4.1 pins the ring buffer for incremental write. During IFS flush, data is buffered in an internal ring buffer. For CD-Recorders it's important to maintain a constant data rate. Therefore cdnfsd pins the buffer in order to avoid page faults.

Version 2.4.1 locks IFS purge and flush against each other.

Version 2.4.1 invalidates bad tracks automatically if the fs parameter is worm,inc. For these discs, Jukeman will, upon detection of an incomplete track, comlete the track and mark it invalid but allow further flush operations. This works for write-once discs and for rewritable discs, but not for CD-Recordable.

Version 2.4.1 does not block a complete jukebox before executing a cdadm writer command.

Version 2.4.1 reports the total size correctly. Previous version assumed that each disc has 666000 KB space.

Changes to Jukeman specific to other file system format implementations

Version 2.4.1 supports Video CDs. The video data is presented in the same way NT's CDFS presents it. Of course, Jukeman does that under UNIX as well.

Version 2.4.1 supports the audio file system on more drives than before.

Version 2.4.1 tolerates additional audio tracks in extended ISO9660 CDs. However, it won't display these tracks.

Other Changes to Jukeman

Jukeman 2.4.1 has some new options: nsmlev, invbad, tcpthr, udpthr, ntkthr, to be explained in the manuals. Especially the ...thr parameters allow to configure how many threads wait for requests via TCP, via UDP and vial the NT kernel file system interface.

Version 2.4.1 does not block a complete jukebox before executing a cdadm writer command.