AIX man Command

See for an online reference for AIX 5.3 commands.
  1. Click on "AIX documentation" on left-hand sidebar.
  2. Expand "Commands reference".
  3. Expand "Alphabetical list of commands".

When you see some reference to man with a digit, e.g.
   For the format of sshd2_config, see sshd2_config(5).
this means to see "section" 5 of the sshd2_config command.
Here's how you would specify the "section" in that man command,
   man 5 sshd2_config
(of course, this relies on ones $MANPATH to include /usr/local/man) I was looking for documentation on the UsePrivilegeSeparation option that's suppose to be in that man page, but I couldn't find it. It's especially hard to find stuff inside more because you can't ignore case on find commands. One way out of this is to use -c on the man command, which says to output stuff with cat instead of more. This way, you can grep -i it, e.g.
  man -c 5 sshd2_config | grep -i privi
Under Solaris, this would be
  man - 5 sshd2_config | grep -i privi
Under any Unix, you could
   PAGER=cat man 5 sshd2_config | grep -c cat

The sections are
   1 = User Commands and daemons
   2 = System calls and kernel services
   3 = Subroutines
   4 = Special files, device drivers, and hardware
   5 = Configuration files
   6 = Games
   7 = Miscellaneous commands
   8 = Administrative commands and daemons

If you just want to switch to a different man directory temporarily, instead of modifying your MANPATH (which normally isn't even set), you can
   man -M /usr/local/man sshd
for example.