Support Removals for Microchannel Architecture (MCA) and PR*P Architecture AIX V5.2 and future releases do not support: * RS/6000 or OEM hardware based on the MCA bus * SP nodes based on the MCA bus * RS/6000, Power Personal Systems, or OEM hardware based on the PReP architecture * POWER1, POWER2™, POWER Single Chip (RSC), POWER2 Single Chip (P2SC), and 601 and 603 processors * PCI adapters that were only available on PReP hardware * All ISA adapters Unsupported MCA-Based Systems Architecture Type/Model MCA 7006-41T MCA 7006-41W MCA 7006-42T MCA 7006-42W MCA 7007-N40 MCA 7008-M20 MCA 7008-M2A MCA 7009-C10 MCA 7009-C20 MCA 7010-120 MCA 7010-130 MCA 7010-140 MCA 7010-150 MCA 7010-160 MCA 7011-220 MCA 7011-22G MCA 7011-22S MCA 7011-22W MCA 7011-230 MCA 7011-23E MCA 7011-23S MCA 7011-23T MCA 7011-23W MCA 7011-250 MCA 7011-25E MCA 7011-25F MCA 7011-25S MCA 7011-25T MCA 7011-25W MCA 7012-320 MCA 7012-32E MCA 7012-32H MCA 7012-340 MCA 7012-34H MCA 7012-350 MCA 7012-355 MCA 7012-360 MCA 7012-365 MCA 7012-36T MCA 7012-370 MCA 7012-375 MCA 7012-37T MCA 7012-380 MCA 7012-390 MCA 7012-397 MCA 7012-39H MCA 7012-G02 MCA 7012-G30 MCA 7012-G40 MCA 7013-520 MCA 7013-52H MCA 7013-530 MCA 7013-53E MCA 7013-53H MCA 7013-540 MCA 7013-550 MCA 7013-55E MCA 7013-55L MCA 7013-55S MCA 7013-560 MCA 7013-56F MCA 7013-570 MCA 7013-57F MCA 7013-580 MCA 7013-58F MCA 7013-58H MCA 7013-590 MCA 7013-591 MCA 7013-595 MCA 7013-59H MCA 7013-J01 MCA 7013-J30 MCA 7013-J40 MCA 7013-J50 MCA 7015-930 MCA 7015-950 MCA 7015-95E MCA 7015-970 MCA 7015-97B MCA 7015-97E MCA 7015-97F MCA 7015-980 MCA 7015-98B MCA 7015-98E MCA 7015-98F MCA 7015-990 MCA 7015-99E MCA 7015-99F MCA 7015-99J MCA 7015-99K MCA 7015-R10 MCA 7015-R20 MCA 7015-R21 MCA 7015-R24 MCA 7015-R30 MCA 7015-R3U MCA 7015-R40 MCA 7015-R4U MCA 7015-R50 MCA 7015-R5U MCA 7030-397 MCA 7030-3AT MCA 7030-3BT MCA 7030-3CT MCA 7202-900 Unsupported PReP-Based Systems Architecture Type/Model PReP 7020-OUO 40P PReP 7020-SPE 40P PReP 7020-B1B 40P PReP 7020-BIC 40P PReP 7020-D1D 40P PReP 7020-D2D 40P PReP 7020-D4E 40P PReP 6042-850 Notebook PReP 7247-821 Notebook PReP 7247-822 Notebook PReP 7247-823 Notebook PReP 7249-860 Notebook PReP 6015-066 40P PReP 7248-100 43P-100 PReP 7248-120 43P-120 PReP 7248-132 43P-132 PReP 7043-140 43P-140 PReP 7043-240 43P-240 PReP 7024-E20 PReP 7024-E30 PReP 7025-F30 PReP 7025-F40 PReP 7317-F3L PReP 7026-H10 PReP 6050-NAA PC POWER 830 PReP 6050-OAA PC POWER 830 PReP 6050-NAD PC POWER 830 PReP 6050-AAD PC POWER 830 PReP 6050-OAD PC POWER 830 PReP 6070-NAA PC POWER 850 PReP 6070-OAA PC POWER 850 PReP 6070-NAD PC POWER 850 PReP 6070-AAD PC POWER 850 PReP 6070-OAD PC POWER 850 PReP 6070-NAB PC POWER 850 PReP 6070-OAB PC POWER 850 PReP 6070-AAE PC POWER 850 PReP 6070-OAE PC POWER 850 PReP 6070-NAM PC POWER 850 PReP 6070-OAN PC POWER 850 PReP 6070-NAC PC POWER 850 PReP 6070-OAC PC POWER 850 PReP 6070-NAF PC POWER 850 PReP 6070-AAF PC POWER 850 PReP 6070-OAF PC POWER 850 PReP 6070-NAO PC POWER 850 PReP 6070-AAP PC POWER 850 PReP 6070-NAQ PC POWER 850 PReP 6070-AAQ PC POWER 850 PReP 6070-OAQ PC POWER 850 Unsupported SP Nodes (All MCA-Based) SP-MCA 2001 62 MHz Thin Node SP-MCA 2002 66 MHz Thin Node SP-MCA 2003 66 MHz Wide Node SP-MCA 2004 66 MHz Thin Node SP-MCA RPQ 66 MHz Wide (59H) SP-MCA 2005 77 MHz Wide Node SP-MCA 2006 112 MHz High Node SP-MCA 2007 135 MHz Wide Node SP-MCA 2008 120 MHz Thin Node SP-MCA 2009 200 MHz High Node SP-MCA 2022 160 MHz Thin Node Unsupported I/O Adapters Type Feature Description PCI Adapter 2408 F/W SCSI SE PCI Adapter 2409 F/W SCSI DIFF PCI Adapter 2638 Video Capture PCI Adapter 2648 GXT150P Graphics PCI Adapter 2657 S15 Graphics Adapter PCI Adapter 2837 MVP MultiPCI Adapter PCI Adapter 2839 GXT110P Graphics Adapter PCI Adapter 2854 GXT500P Graphics Adapter PCI Adapter 2855 GXT550P Graphics Adapter PCI Adapter 2856 7250 Attach Adapter PCI Adapter 7252 GXT1000(TM), 7250-002 Internal Graphics Accelerator PCI Adapter 7253 GXT1000, 7250-002 with Advanced Graphics Feature PCI Adapter 7254 Video Output Option PCI Adapter 8242 10/100BASET Ethernet PCI ISA Adapter 2647 Video Capture ISA Adapter 2701 4-Port SDLC ISA Adapter 2931 8-Port EIA232 Adapter ISA Adapter 2932 8-Port EIA232/422 Adapter ISA Adapter 2933 128-Port EIA232 Async ISA Adapter 2961 1-Port X.25 Adapter ISA Adapter 2971 Token Ring Adapter ISA Adapter 2981 Ethernet RJ45/BNC ISA Adapter 8240 Ethernet Short TP ISA Adapter 8241 Ethernet Short BNC